Hi! I’m Joanna Blanding.

I created this blog to help Bible-believing brides plan their wedding and enjoy their first years of marriage.

In March 2015, I got married to Michael Blanding, a multi-talented and handsome redhead who had spent most of his life in Asia where we met, and we have an energetic boy named André Miguel who lights up every party with his irresistible smile.

I get asked a lot about how we planned our destination wedding in Bali, and how I’ve helped organise our home--both of which I really enjoy sharing about! That’s partly the inspiration for this website.

My husband and I love hosting meals at home, going for nature walks, and seeing new couples thrive in their marriages. 




Can I tell you a secret?

I’m a crier at weddings. I’ve cried at each of the 40+ weddings I’ve been to in just the last 5 years.

After I made the decision to make Jesus my Lord, I’ve since learned about the significance of a wedding and the meaning of marriage (and the learning hasn’t stopped!). So everytime I see the bride walk down the aisle, my heart jumps because I’m reminded of how Jesus brims with joy whenever someone accepts Him.  

I’ve been involved, in varying degrees, in the planning of almost half of these weddings in the past five years--whether it’s being part of the entourage or the coordinating team--and what a great privilege it’s been! But it was also during these times when I researched online, and discovered that...


The internet was lacking the kind of information I was looking for.

I saw the need for wiser information; because most of the popular advise I found out there focused more on the aesthetics of the wedding, rather than the foundations needed for the future marriage.

I also had a rather rare experience of really enjoying the wedding planning process.

But certainly not with challenges though! So I thought I’d share tips on how brides can make it less stressful for themselves and for everyone else! And for soon-to-be brides who don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel, I provide tools that I’ve spent hours creating - so they don’t have to!

After our wedding, I found myself full of new emotions and facing lots of adjustments as a new wife.

But I found little information out there about how to transition from being a single person to a spouse

...with the Bible as the foundation and the church community as an integral part of the process. Majority of the information I’ve found was about saving a failing marriage! So I thought, “There’s got to be some practical help out there so we don’t have to get to that point!”

So that’s basically the background story to this whole endeavor. Check out START HERE to learn more about this blog.

My other passion projects include

www.givingissocial.com, a non-profit movement that inspires, informs, and connects people in Singapore (where we are currently based) to giving opportunities in the region; and

www.getkloned.com, a work-in-progress personal productivity blog for women who want to change the world.

That’s all for now. I look forward to learning and growing more with you in the years to come!