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Wiser Weddings: Budget Worksheet

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Be wiser in planning your wedding!

One of the biggest wedding planning mistakes is not having a well-defined budget. Another big mistake is not knowing what and how much the “miscellaneous” expenses really are. This is how couples end up spending way over their budgets!

The Wiser Weddings: Budget Worksheet will help you:

• Identify and consolidate your wedding funds;

• Project and estimate a budget for each major wedding item;

• Identify the many specific items you might need;

• Record all your expenses and payment deadlines;

• Keep track of your budget.

And if we step back a little bit, do you know where your wedding fund will come from? That's what the Personal Finance Worksheet is for. It will help you: 

• Understand your and your future spouse's financial situation;

• Learn about each other's principles on money;

• Know exactly how much you can afford for a wedding!

These worksheets are comprehensive tools I put together that have helped many of my friends. And I'm happy to share them with you! 


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engagement ring

Just got engaged?

When it's time to plan a wedding, where do you actually start? 

Start by looking for a venue and you'll end up having hundreds of options. Start with a budget just to get stuck as you break it down to every single item. Start with a date and you end up with a limited number of venue options... Sounds complicated? I've been there!

What do I think now after I've helped plan our wedding and many friends'?

My advice to you will be unconventional. Something that you won't find here on the Internet. I've searched hard, girl friend. And it's an advice that will be useful not just for the period of prepping for your wedding, but for many years of marriage to come. Sign up here if you'd like to hear about it.


Looking for wedding vendors

Looking for vendors?

You've figured out a few big things for your big day. That's great! Then you get stuck again.

How do you create a budget and stick to it? What do you decide on before meeting up with suppliers? Or should you be getting a planner or a coordinator, or is there some other kind of help?

I'd love to guide you through this murky waters of this stage. I'll walk you through budgeting all the way to tackling the many minute details involved in planning a wedding.

You'll not find design inspiration, colour schemes, or "The 100 ways to style a bridesmaids' infinity dress" from here. What you'll find is a sincere, future-looking, faith and marriage-focused theme of advice for your season right now. Definitely lots of practical tools and tips too. You can get them by signing up here.


wedding details last stretch

On the last stretch?

You've booked all your vendors. That's a feat. Well done!

Yet you have in your hand a list of 146 items to still do. Crazy, right? I get you.

Are you the best person to collect RSVPs? How will you design your reception programme? How will you sit your guests? What do you need to plan after your wedding?

The details were the things that got my head spinning for weeks. If you're like me, I researched every little subject to get guidance on how to best tackle them. Then the perspectives contradicted each other. And most of them were not aligned with my and my then fiancé's values and goals.

If you'd like to get help on how to navigate this part of wedding planning with grace, prudence, and a Godly perspective, sign up here.