Hey there, Joanna here.

Thanks for dropping by! Upon entering my website, you’ll probably wonder, “Is this website for me? Will this help me? What is this website for really?”

Well you’re in for some good news; I’ve written this page as a way to help you answer these questions.

For starters, I put up this website with a vision to help Bible-believing women who have either just gotten engaged, or are in their first years of marriage live a purposeful new season. I’ll be writing articles where I share practical tips on wedding planning and homemaking that are focused on nurturing the marriage because I believe that when we focus on the right things, fun and fruits naturally come about!

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Now some of you may be asking, “What if I don’t believe in the Bible? Is this still for me?”

If this is you right now, then yes, you are still most welcome to read my content! I'd like to think that my advice on wedding planning and homemaking remain consistent if only because they're based on what I believe is an unchanging truth.

I think of the sherpas’ way of mountaineering when I think of giving advice based on an unchanging truth. Truth for them is the belief that the peak of Mount Everest is at a fixed location. They guide other mountaineers based on the belief (knowledge and experience) that the peak exists, and it has specific coordinates. Just imagine what would happen if one day, your trek guide tells you, “I’m going to take you where I ‘feel’ the peak is today.” Now that’s dangerous!

Sherpa climbing Mt. Everest taken by Christopher Burns of Unsplash

In a similar way, the Bible is my guide for climbing through this season with you. So I’ll be referencing the Bible and Jesus, who I believe is God, in my writings. You may agree or disagree with them. But if you choose to disregard them, feel free to use the practical tips for your situation! Everything here is written with love and an intention to help. So enjoy!

If we haven’t met before, here’s a page where I write about who I am.

Another question I want to ask is, where are you exactly right now?

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Getting married?

So you just got engaged. Congratulations! You just can’t hide your happiness; even the random bystander can tell.

You have just made what I think is the third biggest decision of your life. If you’re a Jesus-follower like me, saying “Yes” to Him was the biggest decision you’ve ever made. The “I do” that you’ll be saying soon will be the second.

Did you know that you’ve basically said “Yes” to:

  • Spilling all your dark secrets to your future husband;
  • Serving your future husband even when you are too tired to even yawn;
  • Respecting your future husband even when he would laugh at your misheard lyrics;
  • Potentially having children who may look more like, or completely like, your future husband;
  • Being a wife to the man who you will have to wake up to...

...Every. Single. Day. Of your life.


Except on days when one of you has an overseas trip, or when you end up sleeping in the nursery when the kids come. But generally, it’s going to be THAT pretty face, hey!

“Wait, wait, wait. I know that...so can we please slow down?” you breathe deeply. You may have already heard these things by now and you, more or less, believe and understand these principles.

Principles like marriage is forever.

“Can’t we just think of the wedding day first?” you ask.

You may; but there’s a better way. And that starts by thinking about FOREVER now.

It doesn’t need to be overwhelming. You’ve probably already started picking inspirations from Pinterest about your dream wedding. And whether it’s a vintage, elegant, beach, or under-the-sea wedding you have in mind, my strong encouragement is to plan your wedding with a life-long marriage constantly in mind.

Why? Because everything you do now is an investment for your future marriage.

Planning a wedding can be a tumultuous process that can easily set the long-term perspective aside. It’s for this reason that I write about various aspects of wedding planning with a life-long marriage in mind.

On Wiser Weddings, I write about these things -  from how to budget for your wedding to organising your wedding photos.

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Just got married?

With becoming a wife comes the role of a homemaker. This can be an area of doubt for new wives. To my delight, I’ve learned that this doesn’t need prior experience. God is so good to give wives grace to perform such a role. Again, we can definitely grow into it!

Prior to marriage, my only experience in the area of domestication was when I had to make my bed because my parents told me so. In fact, I was notorious in my family for being a cluttered person. My mom even had to sit my then-fiancé-now-husband Michael down to make sure he could stomach how messy I was!

Lo and behold, I learned domestication 101 while on the job of being a wife. I’m now able to keep the cupboards clean, plan our healthy meals in the most cost-efficient way, and plan for clean beddings every three weeks--to the delight of my husband!

I now totally enjoy homemaking.

On Thriving Homes, I offer tips and guidance to questions like:

“How do I declutter our home?”

“What do we eat when we are at home?”

“How do we save up on laundry services?”

“How can I make moving house less stressful?”

“How do we agree on our home design style?”

and many more!

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Been married for a long time?

And feel like you need to re-organise at home? Feel free to dive into my content For New Wives just the same! I probably should be asking you about how you're keeping your marriage strong - so please feel free to share some thoughts through email.

When I need to refresh my creative perspective, I find it helpful to ask those who are just starting fresh. I've learned a lot about this blogging world from people who have just been doing it for a handful of years but have reached the tipping point of positive impact. I also learn a lot from younger investors because they help me get more adventurous. All this while seeking for balance between the avante garde and the tried and tested.

I say that to mean - I may be of help even to you, long-time married wives, in terms of dishing out fresh strategies on homemaking. =)

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Putting this all together, this website is designed to help soon-to-be brides, brides, and new wives thrive in their new season with a purpose. 

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